How did I get into this?

I started this whole thing way back in 1996 and I didn’t even know it. I met my best friend Brian at Garcia Middle School in Sugar Land, TX when I was 11. Shortly after we both bought guitars and decided we are going to play music forever. 23 years later we are still playing music together.

I play for the Pop-Punk band Kemo For Emo which was started in 2003. Not being signed and not having management or a budget, we had to take a very DIY approach. I knew where I wanted to go with the band, but I also understood our financial limitations. I used this motivation to learn Photoshop for graphics and merchandise. Next, we needed a website so I learned web design to get our name out there. The logical next step was learning how to film and edit video which was an amazing journey as my childhood dream job was to be a movie director. Then I learned Silk Screening to make all of the designs I create into merchandise.

The band was the reason, but I have now made it my career.

I specialize in anything and everything creative. I love projects that get me thinking, and I love a challenge.